Mousehold Infant and Nursery School became part of Inclusive Schools Trust in ~November 2018.

Governance of the school is now the responsibility of 11 Trustees.

Trustees were selected for their skills, experience and understanding of the local community in which the schools serve:

  • Selene Sawyer (Executive Headteacher/CEO)
  • Sharon Forder, Chair of Trust (Parent)
  • Eileen Hansell (Chair of Finance and Audit)
  • Maureen Hanke (Chair of Achievement and Standards and Safeguarding)
  • Pamela Dons
  • Graham Hopkins (Parent)
  • Christopher Jefferson
  • Kevin Daines
  • Amanda Rogers
  • Sue Brockhouse

Our Trustees are responsible for the strategic vision of the schools and for supporting the Senior Leadership Teams and staff in achieving that vision. Trustees have responsibility for appointing the Executive Headteacher, managing the school’s budgets, setting annual targets and monitoring performance against those targets, all in the interest of raising standards of achievement.

We have two Strategic Committees in our Trust:

  • Finance, Audit and Risk
  • Achievement, Standards and Risk

These committees meet twice a term and report back to the full Board on all business, including safeguarding.  The full Board of Trustees meet twice a term.  Trustees visit the school regularly, attending events and undertaking learning walks in order to effectively monitor the quality of learning at Mousehold.

A Declaration of Pecuniary or Personal Interests is signed annually by every Trustee.  In every committee and full Trust meeting, there is space on the agenda for any declaration of interests that arise over the year.

For further informative on the Inclusive Schools Trust, please click on the link below.