Newsletter 25th February 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you all had an enjoyable half-term. When we returned to school there were many signs of Spring in the school grounds.  We can see daffodils and hyacinths almost flowering and the lighter evenings mean that staff are going home in daylight. The children have come back to school happy and settled and have been enjoying the outdoors – even in the rain! 

Covid Risk Assessment

We have decided, along with other schools in the Trust, to keep the same risk assessment as we had before half-term, until Easter and then this will be reviewed. This does mean we ask that if your child tests positive for Covid or has Covid symptoms that they stay off school until they can test on day 5 and 6 and if they have 2 negatives in a row they can come back on day 6. Whilst tests are still available staff will continue to test twice weekly.

Dates for your Diary

Thursday 3rd March
World Book Day

Friday 1st April
Last day of term

School reopens to children on Thursday 21st April
(our extra day due to the Jubilee means we have one more day of the Easter holidays compared to most other schools.)

Partnership News

We are planning an exciting joint day on Monday 14th March to celebrate International Maths Day when both schools will be working together on maths projects. It will also be an opportunity for our Year 2 children from Mousehold to visit George White Junior. Later in the year some children from George White will visit Mousehold.

Our GoGo Dinsoaur – Crunch Munch

We wanted to create a dinosaur that looked as though it could have crept through the heath lands near our school! We wanted to make it as realistic looking as possible by using camouflaged colours and by giving it a scaly texture. Each class suggested their favourite name ideas for our dinosaur and then our School Council voted and chose the winning name and ‘Crunch Munch’ was born!  Well done to all children and staff who helped with the project.  We will let you know where to find this dinosaur when its location has been revealed. We will also have another fundraising day soon to raise the remaining funds for the dinosaur.

Please look at the photos of the dinosaur on our school Facebook Page and on the social media scroll at the bottom of the home page on our website.

World Book Day

World Book Day and Science Reading Challenge

As part of our drive to maintain, promote and engage children’s interest in reading, the school is celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March. This day will also mark the start of our Science Reading Challenge which will continue through British Science Week (14th – 18th March) until the holidays.

On Thursday 3rd March, children can come to school dressed as their favourite character or as a scientist!! (This can mean just coming as themselves as we are all scientists at Mousehold). They can also bring their favourite story or a prop to show which area of science they are interested in. (Teaching staff will also be dressing up as a book character or a scientist!). More details on the Science Reading Challenge will be provided closer to the time.

To mark this celebration of books and reading, each child has been given a free £1 Book Token which can either give you £1 off the purchase price of a book or audio book worth £2.99 or more, or be exchanged for one of the specially produced £1 books listed on the reverse of the token.

We look forward to learning all about the books you love.
Miss Balachandre and Mrs Woodward

A message from our Mental Health Champions

“Don’t be so hard on yourself.  The mum from the movie E.T. had an alien living in her house for days and she never even noticed!”  

Sometimes family life gets a little hectic and doesn’t quite go to plan.  It’s often these moments, the ones which feel like an epic fail, which we can look back on and laugh about later – it often those funny moments that help us get through the tough seasons.  Care for the Family 20/2/22

“Laughter is like a windshield wiper, it doesn’t stop the rain, but it allows us to keep going.” 

We have all experienced the benefits of good, hearty laughter.  Among other health advantages, laughter can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, boost your immune system, increase memory, alertness and creativity. Laughter is great for building a healthy family.  Families that laugh together also tend to be healthy happy families that enjoy being together and support each other in fun times and hard times.  We all know how demanding family life can be, but it’s so worth trying to build in some fun in too!

  1. Share jokes together as family, the cheesier the better! Teach your children some simple Knock -knock jokes, not only will the children enjoy sharing them but you will enjoy watching your children performing them! Tongue Twisters are also great fun! 
  2. Learn some silly songs together as a family or sing some variations of songs your child loves to sing.  With Old McDonald had a farm you could say “and on that farm there was a hippo.” let your child correct you – “there aren’t any hippos on a farm!  Twinkle-Twinkle Chocolate Bar is also a good one, you may have family favourites.
  3. Read funny books together, perhaps with rhymes and silly words in them – visit the library together, amazing books to borrow, completely free of charge, no joining fee.
  4. Have a family dance off…need we say more!  Nothing competitive but a bit of fun!  Lots of great resources online suitable for various devices or simply dance to your favourite songs.
  5. Watch a funny movie together.  Get some of your favourite snacks, sit back and enjoy!
  6. Play some family games together – Twister is an energetic option or try charades –

“Always find a reason to laugh, it may not add years to your life but surely it will add life to your years.” Snoopy

Safeguarding – Online Safety

What are parental controls?

Parental controls are the names for a group of settings that put you in control of what content your child can see. Combined with privacy settings these can help you protect your children from the things they shouldn’t see or experience online.

These step by step guides will help you to set up the right controls and privacy settings on the networks, broadband, mobile, smartphones, social media gadgets, apps, and sites they use to give them a safer online experience.

If you need any help setting parental control on your devices, then please come and speak to us at school, and we will be happy to help you.

Please see our website for all of our policies and more information about safeguarding

Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mrs Westall, Mr Tolson, Miss Wood, Miss Balachandre

These members of staff monitor and manage all safeguarding practices and ensure staff are supported and have the training they need. Please ask to see one of these adults if you are worried about the safety of a child at school.

If you have a safeguarding concern about a child out of school hours then the number to ring is:

CADS – Children’s Advice and Duty Service – 0344 800 8020.

Mousehold Infant and Nursery School is part of Inclusive Schools Trust