Newsletter 24th June 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

At the time of writing, the Reception children are preparing for their first school trip to Gressenhall. This is very exciting and quite a trip to organise with so many young children. Well done and thank you to staff.

You will have noticed in the planters outside the main reception office that there are sunflowers and runner beans that the children have grown from seed. This is always exciting for children to see the seed germinate and grow into a beautiful plant. We hope we see the flowers before the end of term.

Teachers and leaders are busy sorting the new classes for September. The classes will be mixed as they move up to the next year group. We feel this is good for many different reasons. We always ensure your child is with some of their friends. Please trust us to get this right as the teachers look at the mixes of children to ensure it is balanced and right for every child.

The new class names and structure will be:



Miss Wood



Mrs Jenkins



Mrs Jennings and Mrs Allen

Reception/Year 1


Mrs Graham and Mrs Allen

Year 1


Mr Smith and Ms Brown

(Miss Balachandre on her return from maternity leave. )

Year 1


Mrs Greenwood

Year 1 / 2


Mrs Coathup and Mrs Woodward

Year 2


Miss Jay

Year 2

Barn Owl

Miss Parke

Partnership News

I enjoyed a learning walk with Mrs Petchey at George White Junior on Tuesday this week. We experienced many wonderful moments and it is always an absolute pleasure to see the children I remember from Nursery and Reception at Mousehold thriving in their Junior School setting. Mrs Petchey is going to come and walk around Mousehold next week so she can see what the children experience before they get to Junior School.


Kindness Exhibition at The Forum – From 30th June for 3 days.

There is a Trust exhibition at the Forum for 3 days from Thursday 30th June. The theme of this is ‘Kindness’ and each school is representing that in a way guided by the children of each school. Every child has contributed to this. Please take time to go and see the exhibition. It is the main stand in the entrance to The Forum.

Can you help us please – with shoes?

We would like to start a shoe bank at Mousehold. If you have any school shoes with plenty of wear left please bring them to school. We will set it up in the dinner hall and will let you know when it’s up and running. This will help families in need.

Open Classrooms – slight change of arrangements

There will be one more ‘Open Classrooms’ this term on Friday 8th July. From September Open Classrooms will be the first Friday of every month.

Safeguarding – Support for Domestic Abuse

We are highlighting a new service for Norfolk that launched this year:

Domestic abuse, the variety of forms it can take and the devastating impacts it has on survivors are not always physical. Research shows that incidents of domestic abuse increased during the recent COVID lockdowns. Children are considered to have been victims by witnessing incidents.

If you would like to talk to a safeguarding lead or another member of staff if something is worrying you please ask and we will find the right person to talk to you immediately.

Please see our website for all of our policies and more information about safeguarding

Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mrs Westall, Mr Tolson, and Miss Wood.

These members of staff monitor and manage all safeguarding practices and ensure staff are supported and have the training they need. Please ask to see one of these adults if you are worried about the safety of a child at school.

If you have a safeguarding concern about a child out of school hours then the number to ring is:

CADS – Children’s Advice and Duty Service – 0344 800 8020.

A message from our Mental Health Champions

Colouring and Wellbeing…

There’s not many of us even as grown- ups who don’t like to get some colouring pens out and doodle or colour.  It’s a great mindfulness activity, is calming and a great way to come alongside your children and chat about the day.  Many children find it hard to express what they feel face to face.  If a child is doing an activity with you, conversation can often flow a little easier!  Mindfulness is the process of keeping your attention and thoughts on the present moment and can help improve mood, concentration and focus.  It can also help to strengthen children’s fine motor skills too. 

There are many affordable colouring books in the shops at the moment that can be bought quite cheaply. If you like to download things and have a printer, there’s a link below.  As an eco-school we love to encourage recycling. You could open a cereal box you’ve finished with and colour on the inside.  Don’t forget you can also recycle paper by using both sides or colour on old envelopes.  Someone in your family may well have some wall paper they’ve finished with or you could take some chalks and enjoy colouring on the pavement outside.  Your drawings will no doubt spread a smile on people who walk past and see them.

Mindfulness Colouring Images (Animals) | Teaching Ideas

Dates for your Diary

Friday 1st July – non-uniform day for GoGo Dinosaur launch

Monday 4th July – Year 1 Ukulele performance for parents

Thursday 7th July – Year 1 and 2 Bewilderwood trip

Friday 8th July – Annual reports go home to parents and carers

Friday 8th July – Open Classrooms

Monday 11th July AM – Year 2 Samba Drumming performance for parents

Tuesday 12th July AM – Year 1 Capoeira performance for parents (times to follow)

Friday 22nd July – last day of term

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Rebecca Westall




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