Newsletter 2nd September 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we start the new academic year I would like to welcome all new families and welcome families who have

been with us previous years. I hope you all had a good break. The start of a new term has a feeling of hope, new beginnings and excitement. There are often also some anxious and nervous feelings. Staff have these feelings too. There is always a senior leader on the playground before and after school and teachers will be available at the classroom doors. We look forward to seeing children in Year 1 and 2 on Tuesday 6th September. The Nursery and Reception children know their dates for home visits and the first day of school. If you are unsure please contact the school office.  Early Club starts on Tuesday at 8am. Please enquire at the office if you’d like a space. Other clubs start at the end of the month once children have settled.

Partnership News

We are excited to be starting our first full academic year as a partnership with George White Junior School. Mrs Westall is Partnership Head across both schools and Headteacher at Mousehold, with a Head of School and leadership team at George White Junior. Mr Smith from George White Junior has been seconded to work at Mousehold as Assistant Headteacher and Year 1 teacher to cover Miss Balachandre’s maternity leave. We are excited to have Mr Smith as part of the Mousehold team.

A reminder of the Senior Leadership Team at Mousehold

  • Mrs Rebecca Westall – Headteacher and Partnership Head.
  • Mr Ian Tolson – Deputy Headteacher and SENCo
  • Mr Simon Smith – Assistant Headteacher and Year 1 teacher

Mousehold Facebook Page

This is a great way to stay connected. You will find us at Mousehold Infant & Nursery School.

If you don’t have Facebook, a social media feed is on our home page of our website.

Mrs Seaman

Mrs Seaman would like to thank all families and staff for their kind words, messages, cards and gifts when she retired after many years working at Mousehold. She was overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity.  She will keep in touch.

Help with the cost of living

We are aware that everything is more expensive and the cost of living is set to increase further. We won’t be asking families for money this side of Christmas. We will take part in Children in Need charity day in November, but this will be more a day to recognise those in need. Voluntary donations will be accepted but not encouraged. We will have more stalls for parents and carers that might help (free school uniform, free coats, free shoes etc). When we are planning on holding a stall we will let you know. We can’t accept donations too far in advance please.


Please see below to be informed of our designated safeguarding leads. There will be weekly safeguarding messages on the newsletters.

Please see our website for all of our policies and more information about safeguarding

Designated Safeguarding Leads Mrs Westall, Mr Tolson, Mr Smith and Miss Wood. These members of staff monitor and manage all safeguarding practices and ensure staff are supported and have the training they need. Please ask to see one of these adults if you are worried about the safety of a child at school.
If you have a safeguarding concern about a child out of school hours then the number to ring is:   CADS – Children’s Advice and Duty Service – 0344 800 8020.

Thank you for your continued support

Yours faithfully
Mrs Rebecca Westall

Mousehold Infant and Nursery School is part of Inclusive Schools Trust