Newsletter 7th October 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been great getting to know more of you when I’ve been on the playground before and after school. I am always happy to talk to you if you have any questions and I’ll try and answer them for you. I have noticed how settled the children are when coming into school. The children who found this difficult at the start of term have really grown in confidence and have done a brilliant job in separating from parents and carers.

I would like to share with you a message from our Mental Health Champions:

Autumn reflections…

As the leaves begin to fall and the weather changes, it can be a time for us all to reflect. Our wellbeing is so important, is there anything we need to change to support our own wellbeing? 

A few things to ponder…

  • Do you take short periods every day to do the things you love to do? Make a list of things that you love to do and work through them – it doesn’t have to be expensive – take a bubble bath, ring a friend, watch a favourite programme, make a cup of tea and sit down, read a chapter of your favourite book.  When you do something for yourself it can help you feel less resentful about the things you need to do each day.
  • Take time to exercise everyday – exercise doesn’t have to cost, consider taking a 5 minute brisk walk daily, try it for a week and see if you feel any different.   Walking releases happy feelings called endorphins.
  • Consider letting other people help you do things.  Many of us want things done our way or not at all.  It can mean we are constantly in a state of feeling overwhelmed.  
  • Do you get enough sleep every night?  It may be difficult due to young children’s sleep routines.  Try getting an early night, it may sound very obvious, but it helps make us feel more energised, helps our immune system and helps positive mood.  If you have a young baby try to take a nap when you can or some time for yourself when you can. 
  • Make sure you are staying hydrated and eating the right foods.  We can all be tempted to eat on the run or eat sugary snacks to keep ourselves going.  Try to eat food from all of the food groups, it will help maintain a positive mood and prevent a crash in energy.

A reminder about collection from school

If someone else is collecting your child can you please let your child’s class teacher know that morning.

If you need to change your plans during the school day and someone else will be collecting your child at short notice, please ring the office and they will pass the message on. This is really important to ensure we send children home safely.

Please see our website for all of our policies and more information about safeguarding

Designated Safeguarding Leads Mrs Westall, Mr Tolson, Mr Smith and Miss Wood. These members of staff monitor and manage all safeguarding practices and ensure staff are supported and have the training they need. Please ask to see one of these adults if you are worried about the safety of a child at school.
If you have a safeguarding concern about a child out of school hours then the number to ring is:   CADS – Children’s Advice and Duty Service – 0344 800 8020.

Diary Dates

7th October – First Open Classrooms 

13th October – Individual school photos in school hall

13th October – Fire truck visit for KS1

Half-term – Monday 24th October – Friday 28th October

4th November – Open classrooms 

Week beginning 7th November – Parents Evenings – meetings with class teachers

9th November – KS1 Cathedral visit

18h November – Children in Need

2nd December –Open Classrooms 

7th December – Reception Christmas songs (9 – 9.30am)

13th December – KS1 Christmas Carols (9 – 9.30am)

15th December – KS1 Christmas Carols (9 – 9.30am)

We hope you have a lovely weekend

Yours faithfully

Mr Ian Tolson


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