Aims and Values

Vision Statement

Working collaboratively, we aim to create a welcoming, safe, caring and stimulating school environment for learning, where relationships are based upon mutual support, respect and trust and everyone feels valued. The school’s behaviour policy applies to everyone within the school community, and emphasises the value we place upon good behaviour, and the fundamental importance in securing effective learning and high standards of achievement.

We aim to ensure equality of opportunity and regard for all our pupils through the encouragement of positive self-esteem and self confidence, and the provision of an appropriate, active and differentiated curriculum.

Pupils and staff are encouraged to think for themselves and become increasingly independent and responsible for their own learning.

The continuous professional development of staff is regarded as being fundamental to their ongoing learning and school improvement generally. Staff are encouraged and supported to reflect upon and refine their teaching and the children’s learning through a range of strategies with a big emphasis on supporting other staff in other schools and being supported themselves in this way.

We value and encourage active involvement with the school’s local and wider community, welcoming visitors, parents and people from the locality into our school, as well as extending the school’s links and networks within the community and beyond.

School Aims

Our broad aim is to create a safe, caring and stimulating environment in which every child has the opportunity to reach the highest levels of achievement of which they are capable in all aspects of learning.

Our High Five underpins everything:

Children leave Mousehold as successful learners who: 

are critical thinkers, with enquiring minds who can adapt to the ever changing world around them. (respect)

can understand, cooperate and shape the world together. (help)

are motivated and passionate about life long learning. (learn) 

are happy and confident to succeed in modern British society.  (enjoy)

are resilient, with a growth mindset to carry on achieving. (achieve)

See Curriculum section on the website for more information.

Mousehold Infant and Nursery School is part of Inclusive Schools Trust