Curriculum Statement

Our school ‘High Five’ is the golden thread that underpins our curriculum:

Respect, Help, Learn, Enjoy, Achieve

At Mousehold Infant & Nursery School we believe that all our children have the opportunity to make excellent progress and flourish because we provide an ambitious, thoughtfully planned and structured knowledge rich curriculum that stimulates a love of learning.  

Within our Early Years classes, we see the Characteristic of Effective Learning in action, combined with high quality interactions based on the principles of sustained shared thinking. We believe in high challenge by support.  Communication and language is the core of our curriculum for our very youngest learners, to ensure they are ready to continue their learning journey into Key Stage One.  

In Key Stage One, our curriculum is carefully sequenced across all subject areas. It sets out the journey of how children will achieve the ambitious endpoints that we have identified in each unit of work.  It builds on and challenges previous learning. This ensures that new learning is successfully integrated and retained in the long-term memory, making short-term memories more powerful. We aim for deep learning and understanding which results in outstanding progress. 

As an Infant school, we see the love of reading as the gateway to all learning. Our school passionately believes that every child is entitled to know the joy of a book and as such we are tenacious that every child is a reader.  Children are consistently immersed in high quality texts across the curriculum. We believe young children learn best by immersion in a theme and so the majority of our other subjects build upon the theme.   

Many of our children speak more than one language.  We foster and celebrate their languages and heritage, for example by focusing on a different language spoken in our school every month.  As part of this, children have the opportunity to explore the cultures and customs associated with the countries where focus languages are spoken. 

Mousehold is committed to providing all children with an inclusive, broad, and balanced curriculum, alongside their Personal Development though our wider offer. We believe that the curriculum is more than just what happens in the classroom, so we ensure children have many opportunities to experience trips, visiting experts, extra-curricular possibilities, and opportunities to support and value our local community.  

Our collaboration and partnership with the feeder Junior school ensure smooth transitions, emphasizing preparation rather than repetition. Regular communication and moderation opportunities with subject leaders and curriculum leads guarantee that the knowledge and skills imparted prepare our children effectively for their next stage in learning.  

Mousehold Infant and Nursery School’s dynamic curriculum and nurturing relationships with children and their families empowers children to explore, create, and embrace a lifelong love for learning. Ensuring their journey is not only educational but also enjoyable and enriching.   

Mousehold Infant and Nursery School is part of Inclusive Schools Trust