“Intelligence and skills can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.” – John F Kennedy

How is PE taught at Mousehold Infant and Nursery School?

At Mousehold Infant and Nursery School we look at the physical and mental wellbeing of children and provide students with a holistic understanding of physical education and how to sustain a healthy mind and body.

We use RealPE to teach skills such as balance and co-ordination that children can use in a range of situations and sporting disciplines.  Teachers hold yoga training and this is an integral part of our PE practice as well as giving children the opportunity to use breathing techniques in class to support their overall wellbeing. The curriculum is rich and varied with specialist instructors and teachers working together to maximise children’s ability to learn and apply physical skills. Specialist instructors visit throughout the year to offer dance, forest school, football and multisports and forest school session.

Mousehold Infant and Nursery School is part of Inclusive Schools Trust