How do we teach PSHE and RSHE at Mousehold Infant and Nursery School?  

Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) is at the heart of everything we do at Mousehold Infant and Nursery School. Our curriculum has been tailored to suit our children so that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to thrive in a forever changing world.  Our aim is for the pupils at MIANS to leave Year 2 as confident, resilient, kind and happy individuals who are ready to seize opportunities that the next chapter of their school lives brings.  Our school’s High Fives are intertwined within our RSHE curriculum so that our children have a clear understanding of what each word means and know what these look like in real life situations.  

RSHE lessons are taught in an age appropriate way which is taught as a spiral approach so children can build on their previous knowledge. We work closely with George White Junior school to ensure that our children can build on their skills and knowledge already learned at Mousehold.  

Different approaches are used to ensure lessons are fun and engaging such as: circle time, discussion based activities and group activities. Picture books are celebrated and used by all teachers to spark conversation and to explore different scenarios. We ensure that our children feel safe and happy by setting ground rules at the beginning of each lesson and reminding children about their Safeguarding Hand. 

Being involved with the local community and applying the children’s learning to their local area is essential. All of our children take part in workshops with the local police so that they know how to stay safe in the community and how to be responsible citizens. They also learn about oral hygiene with a dentist from Happy Smiles. In the Summer Term our children take part in Norfolk Welcomes Day and Refugee Week.  

Early Years:  

The PATHS programme is used in Early Years to support children with understanding their emotions and recognising different feelings. Children are taught how to manage their feelings in a positive way with the support of adults, feelings faces and their class mascot, Twiggle.  

In KS1, there are three core themes that are taught throughout the year:  

  • Relationships 
  • Living in the Wider World  
  • Health and Wellbeing 


Year 1: Our children learn about the roles that different people play in their lives with a focus on families. They will understand what staying safe looks like and will learn about privacy and seeking permission.  

Year 2: Children will learn about skills needed to make friends, showing empathy, what to do if they feel lonely or if someone else feels lonely. How to recognize hurtful behaviour and recognising that we may have things in common and we may have differences as well.  Our children will be encouraged to share their opinions and listen and respond to their peers.  

All children take part in Friendship Week in November.  

Living in the Wider World: 

Year 1: We learn about that rules are and the importance of caring for others’ needs. We will learn about our responsibilities within the community such as looking after the environment. Children will learn about using the internet and digital devices safely as well as communicating online. They will discuss theirs and others strengths and interest and look at jobs in the community.  

Year 2: Children learn about belonging to a group. They find out about the importance of roles and responsibilities. They also learn about being the same and different in the community and how we are all equal.  They will look at the internet in everyday life and online content. Money plays a key role with a focus on what it is and looking after money and managing needs and wants.  

Health and Wellbeing: 

Year 1: Knowledge about physical health and mental wellbeing is essential. Our children learn about keeping healthy and the importance of food and exercise. How hygiene routines play an important role in keeping healthy and how to stay safe in the sun.  They will celebrate what makes them unique and special. They will continue to recognise feelings and what to do when things go wrong. They look at how rules and age restrictions help us and keeping safe online.  

Year 2: Children will learn aboutWhy sleep is important. They will find out about different medicines and keeping healthy as well as keeping teeth healthy. We will continue to build on our understanding of managing feelings and asking for help. Children will learn about growing olde and this will include naming body parts. Year Two is an exciting year which brings new opportunities, we will prepare our children for moving on to their junior school. They will look at safety in different environments with a focus risk and safety at home.  


Mousehold Infant and Nursery School is part of Inclusive Schools Trust