School Council

The School Council is the voice of all children at our school. We really aim to help improve our school community by working as a team.  The School Council is made up of two children from every class (Reception – Year 2) who have been democratically elected. We meet in the library on Thursdays every few weeks with Mrs Jennings to discuss ideas for our school community.  We also have Class Council time with our class to talk about and collect the ideas of our classmates.  We bring these notes to each School Council meeting.

Our School Council is very important to our school and to celebrate this, we have presented all our School Councillors with a badge to show they are good role models for all at Mousehold. 

This year the School Council are focussed on improving road safety on the roads around our school.  We have designed posters and have started making a video to publicise our road safety campaign.  The School Council have also met with our local city and county councillor Julie Brociek-Coulton (pictured here visiting us in January 2022) and talked about road safety outside of school.  They were so polite and confident telling Julie all of their ideas about what is working well outside our school gates and what we are worried about.  The children talked a lot about respect on the roads and how important it is that drivers take note of the 20mph speed limit and stop parking on the pavements.

Julie told us that she is hoping to re-install bollards outside our school and next year we will get a flashing sign with a smiley/sad face to tell drivers about their speed on Mousehold Avenue.  She is also arranging for the police to visit us and GWJS to support with road safety. Well done School Council Mrs Jennings and all the staff at Mousehold are very proud of you all!

Mousehold Infant and Nursery School is part of Inclusive Schools Trust