School Council

The School Council is the voice of all children at our school. We really aim to help improve our school community by working as a team.  The School Council is made up of two children from every class (Reception – Year 2) who have been democratically elected. We meet in the library every few weeks with Mrs Jennings to discuss ideas for our school community.  We also have Class Council time with our class to talk about and collect the ideas of our classmates.  We bring these notes to each School Council meeting.

Our School Council is very important to our school and to celebrate this, we have presented all our School Councillors with a badge to show they are good role models for all at Mousehold. 

This year we have organised a charity dress up day for Children in Need.  Thank you to all families for their generous donations.

Our big project for this academic year is the Mousehold Recipe Book in which we hope to collect all of our school community’s family favourites.  We will also include the recipes for the Brazilian salad and Rainbow Wrap which our children in KS1 made last year.  The School Council have also voted for their favourite school dinners and Mrs Horth our amazing School Cook has kindly shared the recipes for these too.

Mousehold Infant and Nursery School is part of Inclusive Schools Trust