Home Learning

How do we support children and families with home learning? 

We believe that if children enjoy their learning, then they will succeed because of self-belief. The home learning is always based around learning in class and often involves children practising a skill learnt in class or involves fun ways to remember and consolidate knowledge learnt in class. 

Learning letters are sent home, these help you understand what is being taught and why. The letters also give ideas for home learning. 

How can you support your child’s learning journey at Mousehold? 

Throughout the year we have many opportunities when you can come into school and enjoy the learning experience with your children. 

  • In Nursery we have Stay and Play sessions for parents and carers to come and talk to the teacher, look in the child’s Creative Learning Journeys and to join in with some of the learning activities. 
  • In Reception the children have Forest Schools outdoor learning lessons. Parents are welcome to come along and help at these sessions. 
  • In all year groups we have learning cafes. These cover subjects such as Reading, PE, Maths and Art. These often start with a talk to parents in the hall – sometimes explaining how we teach subjects such as Maths or Phonics. This is then followed by a practical creative session in the class with your child. 
  • We have sessions focusing on helping you support your child stay safe online. 
  • On the last Friday of the month, after school parents and carers can come into school to talk to the teacher, look in your child’s books and see the curriculum in the learning environment.  


Most importantly please read with your child daily where possible. If children can read, then they have better life chances as they grow older. Children will bring reading books home to share with families. These books contain sounds in that your child knows so that they can read the book with enjoyment and practise to develop fluency.  

Being able to read is the key to success in all other subjects.  

Mousehold Infant and Nursery School is part of Inclusive Schools Trust