Religion and Worldviews

I got nine GCSEs at C and above. The only one I failed was Religious Education, which is probably the one thing I’ve used since leaving school. RE wasn’t just about Christianity, it was learning about the way in which different people live. Going to India and Pakistan and having an understanding of that helped me no end. I think I’ve taken a little bit from every religion I’ve encountered. Essentially, it’s all about being a better person and showing respect.
Freddie Flintoff (former England cricket player)

How is Religion and Worldviews taught at Mousehold?

At Mousehold we follow the Norfolk Syllabus framework. We think about these concepts and theories when planning our RE curriculum and students are encouraged to develop deepening knowledge and understanding about a range of religious and non-religious worldviews so that pupils can:

  • Describe and explain beliefs and theological concepts.
  • Describe and explain some sources of authority and teachings within and across religious and non-religious traditions.
  • Describe and explain ways in which beliefs are expressed.
  • Know and understand the significance and impact of beliefs and practices on individuals, communities, and societies.
  • Connect these together into a coherent framework of beliefs and practices.

Our Religion and Worldviews curriculum is designed to enable children to have informed conversations about religions and worldviews. This allows them to think more deeply making links between different religions and worldviews; exploring similarities and celebrating differences.

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