School Improvement and Development Plan 2023-24

The plan aims to focus staff on our main priorities and raise standards for all children. 

Improvement is most likely to be successful if it involves: 

  • a commitment by the whole community to ongoing improvement; 
  • a set of practical strategies for change; 
  • the setting of priorities and timeframes; 
  • clear accountability for monitoring implementation and evaluating impact. 

The School Improvement and Development Plan (SIDP) communicates the school’s priorities to all stakeholders and is a tool to drive the budget plan. We focus on integrated financial planning and make good use of financial and human resource.  


All stakeholders are involved with the development of the SIDP; including pupils, parents, trustees and staff. They contribute their views through surveys, meetings and informal discussions. The trustees have a key role in monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of the SIDP through formal visits from the Link Trustee and CEO and regular Progress Boards where senior leaders are held to account.  Each key priority area is led by a Strategy Group Lead, with a team of teachers to support. The Senior Leadership Team monitor implementation through observation and discussion at regular Leadership Team meetings.

Mousehold Infant and Nursery School is part of Inclusive Schools Trust