Our Curriculum Journey

September 2022

Where were we?  What research took place when developing and building our curriculum?

  • Pre 2019 – Planning in single year groups. Topics had been in place for a few years.  Progression across year groups and sequencing learning wasn’t understood by all.  
  • EYFS and KS1 worked more separately than now.
  • Sept 2018 – Power of Reading for KS1 – trialled in one class first.
  • Spring Term 2019 – Progression maps started.  Looked at prior learning and future learning.  Looked at progression maps from other schools. Each subject leader looked at their subject and analysed progression – with teachers from each year group. Started with Computing. Computing lead is now our Curriculum Lead.
  • Summer 2019 – Progression maps started to become embedded and used by all.
  • Sept 2019  – Power of Reading for EYFS started.
  • Sept 2019 – Maths planning similar to White Rose and introduced mastery.
  • Sept 2019 – Joint leadership for core subjects, mostly a leader from each Key stage. This supported with moderation, monitoring and progress of subject leadership.
  • March 2020 – Summer 2021 – Pandemic altered our thinking in a positive way, and made us think more creatively. We looked at what worked remotely and what parts of that we could continue. We looked at how we celebrate and communicate learning ( introduced a school Facebook page and Parent Mail, tutorial videos for parents on our website, virtual tours of EYFS)   Online children’s reading books run alongside real books – this was started during school closure.
  • Summer 21 – Recovery curriculum led to what we are doing now. Focused on gaps in learning in new curriculum maps for KS1 and EYFS.
  • Learnt from influential educators – Mary Myatt ( EYFS ), Jane Considine ( Writing ), Paul Dix ( Behaviour and relationships ).
  • Summer 2021  – Phonics Audit from The Wensum Hub. This informed our SIDP for September 2021.
  • Sept 2021 – Training began for all class staff and leaders for Phonics – Little Wandle Revised Letters and Sounds. Teaching of Little Wandle began in October 2021
  • Bespoke support from VNET and the Trust with external reviews/audits/coaching/training.

 Where are we now? 

  • Progression from Nursery to Year 2 is clear in Progression Documents. All progression documents are on our website.
  • Subject leaders can all talk about the progression in their subjects. Teachers can talk about what comes before and after the current learning for each subject they teach.
  • Teachers talk to the children about prior learning and where they are moving onto in a lesson and between lessons.
  • Curriculum Map – 2 year cycle for KS1.  KS1 teachers plan together. This reduces workload for teachers.
  • KS1  – There is a driver subject for each halfterm.
  • KS1 – Subject leaders mostly plan the subject they lead.  ( supports with reducing teacher workload and supports with monitoring subject. )
  • EYFS – New curriculum from Sept 2021 – with a focus on child centred learning, more time with the children, streamlined planning/how we assess. This helped workload.
  • EYFS – Started to use ‘ Birth to 5’  as a tracking system.
  • RSHE and RE – streamlined for all year groups from one document.
  • Partnership Jan 2022– curriculum work between subject leaders, strong and becoming embedded.
  • February 2022 VNET coaching for subject leaders – impact of this is teachers are confident talking about the pedagogy behind the progression maps and curriculum for their subject.
  • All subject leaders have accessed or are booked onto subject specific training this academic year ( through VNET, in house delivered by Headteacher and subject societies )
  • Summer Term 1 2022: Teachers and leaders reflected on the impact of the curriculum in EYFS and KS1 in staff meetings and individual 1:1 teacher interim appraisal review meetings ( May 2022)
  • Summer Term 2 2022: Subject leadership group/public speaking coaching sessions with Headteacher.

What are our future plans? 

  • Thinking ahead to resourcing all subjects in our curriculum map, looking at where the gaps in resourcing were last academic year.
  • Further mixed age classes from Sept 2022 and the impact on curriculum planning. Alter EYFS curriculum map appropriately.
  • Reflecting on positives of Y1/2 class and using what has worked well and adopt these principles in other classes as we move forwards.
  • Working on progression from Nursery to Year 6 with subject leaders from Mousehold and George White Junior working together as part of the Partnership work.

For a more detailed look at our curriculum journey please click on the link below:

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